Sunday, 18 April 2010

Tories Call for the Lewis Carroll Solution....

Conservative Home reports that Theresa Villiers who is, apparently, a Transport Person for the Tory Party, has issued an eight point plan to tackle the crisis associated with the airport standstill.

So, now the Conservatives want Government action: but I thought that they wanted us, you and me, to be the Government, to take over failing public sector activities, schools, hospitals, airports and railways...

Maybe not. Now they want Gordon brown to rescue the British public from the failure of  the privatised transport companies.

In the past, when airlines and airports and railway lines and companies were nationalised, the government would have the ability to intervene, to direct actions and resources to the best outcomes for the public good. But the Tories have dismissd that as the dreaded "Big Government", which they abhor. They said that they wanted you to become the MD of BAA and CEO of British Airways.... and a plague on government intervention.

And now? Now they want Big Government to rescue us from our latest difficulties...

Lewis Carroll had it (almost) right...

You're old father William

the young man said

and your hair is exceedingly grey

and yet you continually stand on your head

are you impersonating Tories today?

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