Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Reverend IM Jolly Speaks.....

Alex Salmond is out and about decrying the "dismal" choice between Labour and Tory. Not that Mr Salmond himself seems full of cheer. In fact he sounds a bit like ricky Fulton in his TV character as the Rev. IM Jolly (who is of course anything but jolly).

Here's Eck  ": Hulllooo... Reverend IM Jolly here.... it's misserabul intit? Evrythin'. It's aw missarabul... Ah wis saying tae Effie, Effie, dae ye no think it's aw missarabul....An' Effie said,...."
Oh dear four more weeks of nationalist miserableism and Tory tax bribes.

"Ah don't think ma system can take it, Effie...."

Me neither.

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