Friday, 9 April 2010

The Nasty Party is Only Hiding.....

David Cameron is in the Guardian claiming that the Conservatives, under Boris Johnson, introduced the Living Wage in London
The one progressive new idea we hear will be in Labour's manifesto – the living wage – is actually a Conservative policy: Boris Johnson has already introduced it in London.

Ken Livingston actually introduced the Living Wage, over Tory opposition. But when Ken dares to point this out on CiF, the nasty Tory poisonous invective flows hot and free.

The Tories apparently think they have had a good few days at the start of the election campaign and already they are becoming insufferable. The Nasty Party is being reborn before our eyes.

Dave may be applying the airbrush with all his might, but the cretins on the Guardian threads are more representative of the real Tory psychology.  Heaven help us if this lot ever get anywhere near the levers of power ....

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