Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Is he in Britain, or in Belize? That Shining Beacon of Tory Sleaze...

It is a great puzzle to me that the Ashcroft affair seems to have died down. In fact no-one seems to know where Ashcroft is: is he in Britain or in Belize, and why has our media lost interest?

As I understand it, Lord Ashcroft is still treated as a "non-dom" for tax purposes, he still gives cash to the Tory Party, he is still a Tory Vice Chair and he is still involved in the campiagns in marginal seats. The question of what he promised to William Hague, when he promised it, when Hague knew (or didn't know) about subtle changes to the outcomes of these agreements and what Hague subsequently told the British public, are all unclear to say the least.

There has to be at least the suspicion of some dirty work and questions against the judgement of senior Tory politicians, particularly William Hague. The BBC has a programme ready for broadcasting but for some reason, after Conservative contacts with the BBC hierarchy, it is being held back from transmission.

David Milliband took up the matter with William Hague during a BBC debate yesterday, but got no answer.

Today he has written to Hague (for the 5th time!) asking for clarification....

William Hague
Conservative Campaign Headquarters
30 Millbank

19 April 2010

Dear William,

I wrote to on 21st March, 29th March, 6th April and 12th April asking you two simple questions. I still await a response to the following questions.

1. Why did you say in my presence on March 4th that you learnt "a few months ago" that Lord Ashcroft was not paying tax on overseas earnings because of his non domiciled tax status, when in fact you admitted on Friday night (March 19th) on Any Questions that you knew this to be the case from 2000?

2. On the occasions when Lord Ashcroft has flown you, or others, around the world has he participated in meetings with foreign officials with you in countries where he has business interests?

I have yet to receive a reply and would request that you respond as a matter of urgency. This is matter of credibility for you and trust for the general public.

Yours sincerely,

david miliband

David Miliband
You can see Milliband's full aricle here...  and sign the letter, if you so wish...

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