Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Brave Dave's New World

David Cameron has launched his manifesto, the key themes being "smaller government" and "big society".

Judging by the detail, "smaller government" means less investment in schools, hospitals and public services generally.

And "big society" means, you pay the difference..... , yes I mean you my lad.....

Also: the Manifesto itself looks like a missive from the Ministry of Works, circa 1952.....

Given that these publications are pored over and designed to carry the internal "message" of the document: what message is a boring, bland, civil service-ese hardback from the age of austerity cover supposed to convey?

When ideas like this used to come up in "Yes Minister", Sir Humphrey would say "that's very brave, Minister", meaning it's a damn foolhardy idea Minister, but I'm not going to alert you to it if your too stupid to see for yourseself...

So, Brave for Dave, but how clever?

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