Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Conversion of Saint David

David Cameron claims that the Conservative Party has changed, that ot's a nicer, cleaner, more inclusive party than the old "nasty" Tory Party. But the question he is never asked is: why did you, young David Cameron, join the Conservative party when it was at its rampant, Thatcherite, 19th-century-liberal worst?

When unemployment was being forced up to keep inflation down (unemployment up; succesful. Inflation down; failure).

When the justification for that  unemployment was "if it isn't hurting, it isn't working"?

When working people who fought for their jobs were labelled "The enemy within"?

When crime doubled, poverty over-all doubled and child poverty tripled?

When there were regular riots in the streets of our main towns and cities because of Tory policy?

When that same poverty, social unrest and unemployment was "A price worth paying"?

When the Tory reason for promoting greed and selfishness and denigrating socially cohesive action was that "There is no such thing as society"?

When to top it all, this same uncaring and incompetent government threw away the biggest free boost to the UK economy by wasting the oil bonanza, neglected our schools and hospitals,  presided over high inflation and record interest rates, destroyed the currency and wrecked the UK economy...

When even Conservative politicians called themselves "the nasty party"?

...why did the blessed Dave, fresh faced idealist that he is, think "They're the party for me"?

Was he "nasty" then and "nice" now? If so that shows a conversion remarkable in a mature adult.

And even if Dave really is "nice" now, is his party "nice" now, and how can we tell?

I long for  Marr or or a Paxman to put the question: "Why did you do it, Dave"?


  1. I didn't know you had a blog, interesting.

    But if you oppose Cameron then why do you oppose the SNP? They are the most anti-Tory party you can find. If you vote for them we will in all likelihood never be governed by Tories again.

  2. Devil. Deep Blue Sea.

    Frying Pan. Fire.