Tuesday, 27 April 2010

New Poster Art, continued.....

The Guardian has an article on how dismal the posters in this campaign have been ( I would exempt the "two-horse race" poster in my headline from that accusation..). Anyway, they have commissioned a number of artists to do their best to produce new ideas and better targetted posters.

All the posters are very good and thought provoking.

My favourite is this one....

...which seems to me to do exactly what a poster should do: it gets its message across quickly and with point and humour.

And it embodies an essential truth, i.e. that the Murdoch empire wants to destroy the BBC, and has Tory agreement that it will do so. Murdoch benefits from the weakening of a rival and, whatever the Tories think of the BBC, they consider its destrucyion a price worth paying for Murdoch's support.

Murdoch would also wish to dictate how a Tory government behaves, and impose its own, (the Sun's, Fox News'), social  and political "morality" on the Tories. A nighmare if ever.....

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