Monday, 12 April 2010

Reality Eck Style

Been on the baby-sitting trail since 7am, an enjoyable but exhausting pastime, so have had not a lot of chance to keep abreast of the campaign.

I did see the Labour Manifesto launch which went quite well. Gordon and a bunch of hostile hacks, but he handled them well, I thought.

I also caught a snippet of the BBC Scotland 6.30 news. Alex Salmond was being questoned by a woman in Edinburgh about the SNP and its relevance to the UK elections...

He replied, and I kid you not "I see a vote for the SNP as being the only worthwhile vote in this election"...

Now, politicians have to have self belief and optimism. They need to believe in their party and it's reasons for existence. But, I mean: can there ever have been a statement so out of touch with reality?

The SNP is barely relevant at Westminster at the best of times, and Eck is so keen on the UK Parliament that he is chucking it (has already chucked it actually), and not standing again.

So the SNP "is the only vote that counts", is a very strange version of reality: most people would see the exact opposite as being true....

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