Monday, 14 February 2011


I have just watched David Cameron try to "relaunch" the "Big Society" (again...). I listened as closely as I could to the PMs words, but still it did not form any shape in my mind. It still comes across as a silly amporphous "let's all hold hands and help each other" non-sense. And, that being the case, it is anathema to what we know of Tory philosophy and politics in action. Mrs Thatcher put it most succinctly....."there is no such thing as society".

Which begs the question: if Tories believe that there is no such thing as society, how can they convince us to believe that there is such a thing as a "Big Society"?

The Guardians's Steve Bell has a v. funny take on it here...

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  1. Interesting that you bring up the shadow of Thatcher.

    A strange few years where the Leader of the Labour party praised Thatcher and invited her round for tea, but the Tories want to purge themselves of her memory - to the mainstream at least, without ever actually criticising Thatcherism for fear of upsetting a large section of their core support.

    That the short sighted, evil bitch's rule was the only alternative to Trade Union intransigence and corruption continuing to drag the country into the gutter is a sad indictment of the British political classes.