Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Big Society -v- The Real World

Lord Wei, David Cameron's "Big Sociey Tsar", has had to reduce the time he gives to the voluntary work of encouraging other people to take up voluntary work through the Big Society to return to real work. He can't afford all the voluntary work involved in the Big society and needs to earn a living (through the usual Tory toil of more directorships etc.)....

Really. You couldn't make it up....


It's worse than I thought....

It now turns out that Phillip Blond admitted that the idea was in trouble in the Sun. And Liverpool's 'Big Society' champion, Phil Redmond told the Local Government Chronicle that the project had made little progress over the last six months become “subsumed” by the cuts agenda. Now Joe Anderson, the leader of Liverpool City Council, has written to Dave withdrawing from the project, saying that government cuts have threatened the future of many local volunteer groups and he can no longer support the initiative.

Was there ever a more woolly, ill-thought-out, meaningless statement of personal or political philosophy than Dave's foolish championing of "The Big Society"?

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