Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Big Society Brass Neck....

Last Thursday I blogged about Lord Wei, the Tories' "Big Society Tsar", and his pressing need to give up voluntarily working for The Big Society and earn some dosh to put food on the table. The ironic humour inherent in the situation was side-splitting.

Now the same Lord Wei has posted on his blog that public sector workers should go part time... to support The Big Society....!
"The second action local authorities can take is to have a serious look at their core costs – not just the salaries of middle management and their CEOs but also what hours they do. One of the major surprises of the recession in the private sector has been how low unemployment has been given the severity of the downturn. One reason is because many firms invited staff to go part time."

Translated: why are local authority workers so selfish? Why do they need full-time work? Why don't they (unlike me) go part-time to help me meet my targets....?

Really, the twists in this story are enough to furnish a whole series of  Tales of the Unexpected...  

The Big Society is about volunteering at a local level but the man who runs The Big Society can't afford to work part-time to support The Big Society, so he demands that everybody else should work part-time to support......The Big Society!!!

Truly, you couldn't make it up. But then, you don't have to if the Tories are making the rules....

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