Tuesday, 15 February 2011

79% of Republicans think Obama not legitimate President...

Sometimes you despair for democracy, civilisation, logic, common sense and, in particular, the USA. 

A poll by an American polling orgnisation, Public Policy Polling, shows that, of the registered Republicans who can vote in next year's primaries, a breathtaking 51% believe that Obama was not born in the USA. Another 28% "don't know", which is the logical equivalent of questioning his legitimacy to be President. That makes an unbelievable 79% of registered Republicans who doubt the legitimacy of the President.

How stupid do you have to be to be a Republican? Given the support that Republicans have given to religious creationists and Sarah Palin, it seems that the Republicans are the party of illogic and non-reason.

How  can such a level of paranoid idiocy have got hold of the Republican party, one of only two parties that can realistically hope to provide government for the USA? They are ahead in the polls, control the Senate and are dictating economic policy to a weakened Democratic administration. How can the greatest deocracy on the planet hope for sensible goverence from such a group of evidence-denying morons? And what sort of society is the USA, which gives such a level lof support to such perverse, idiotic and outlandish opinions?

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  1. You ask how stupid must you be to become a republican. Three little words go some way towards an answer:

    "George", "W." and "Bush"