Friday, 18 February 2011

I'll cut the NHS, not the deficit...

The most famous poster from last year's election campaign was this...

"We can't go on like this, I'll cut the deficit, not the NHS"
In many interviews since then, Cameron has insisted that his government will protect front-line NHS services.

And Cameron's old Etonian mate, the A-list promoted Zac Gldsmith, promised to resign if his local hospital had to cut front-line services.
Today a number of hospital trusts have announced that they are cutting front line NHS jobs.

But, surprise surprise, Zac Goldsmith has backed the Kingston Hospital cuts. He said: "Hospitals around the country are having to find savings, and ours is no different."

Kingston hospital - visited by David Cameron during the election campaign with a promise that its maternity unit would not be closed - is to lose 500 jobs. The news comes as Unison secretary Dave Prentis condemned a further 500 job losses at St George's Hospital in South London as a "devastating blow".

Health minister Simon Burns said: "We are protecting the NHS with investment which Labour opposes. But this doesn't mean that the NHS can't become more efficient."

So "I'll cut the deficit not the NHS", and "I'll resign if my local hospital has to cut front line staff", becomes....

"We are protecting the NHS....".

And the band played believe it if you like...

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