Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Young guns, havin' some fun.......

It's only just over two years, August 2009, since media gunslinger Wild Jim Murdoch spread fear among the citizens of Media City like a loose gun in a bar-room brawl. Jim rode intotown from his old man's BIG M ranch all tooled up and ready to deliver the annual McTaggart lecture, to fire off some warning shots at the BBC and to warn the Corporation that he and his daddy were gunnin' fer it.

Just you wait until the Tory posse arrives, he snarled, the BarBarCee ranch will be under seige and I'll be raiding and harrying you 'til you give up your plum steers and I rustle them off. We're gonna buy the BSkyB ranch and take over the whole county, so you'd better watch yore step!

The young gun was out of its holster and going after senior BBC henchmen and they quaked at his power.

Well today, the gunslinger was run out of town. The sherrif's posse that he thought he had bought has been blabbing to Judge Leveson and the youngster's power base was revealed as diseased and corrupt.

 Young Gun Jim his Pop Big Rupe Murdoch and a red haired moll.

No shoot out at the old corral for this brave boyo. Slinking off to the good old USOFA to keep his head down and lick his wounds and seek the comfort of his daddy's ranch.

to be continued........

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