Sunday, 26 February 2012

Bought and sold for American gold....

...or is that Australian gold...??


Isn't it interesting to see the different moral fibre of our political leaders. Ed Miliband stands up to the Murdoch machine and ensures they don't get their hands on the control of BSkyB. A courageous but correct action given the stench emanating from Rupert Murduch's newspaper lined pig sty. Ed did this knowing that News International doesn't forgive and forget. He personally and the Labour Party nationally will pay for this temerity. Even so, it's the right thing to do and he did it.
Compare and contrast.  

Last week old Rupe Murdoch, cap di capo of the News Corp gang, tweeted oor dear wit...

 "Alex Salmond clearly most brilliant politician in U.K. Gave Cameron back of his hand this week. Loved by Scots."

Quid pro quo time baby. And then some. Today's newly launched Murdoch lavvy paper has the exclusive story of the date of our proposed referendum on "independence". That's our referendum, the one Eck said was the "Scottish peoples'" and mere elected Prime ministers had better get their hands off pronto!

Well it turns out it's not the "Scottish peoples'" referendum after all: it's old Rupe's referendum. Eck believes he owns it, (he is the Scottish People, after all)  but today he gave it away to Rupe  in return for his few nice words. And, one assumes, support for his party in coming months and years. Again assuming that Eck can continue to find nice we newsy nuggets to feed the hungry Murdoch maw...

Rupert Murdoch was an Aussie who became a Yank because American law demanded it for his business interests, the better to devour profits. He is the leader of an organisation currently being revealed as as morally decrepit as it is possible to be. There is not one jot of evidence that cares for Scotland, its people, its constitutional arrangements, its future prosperity (or otherwise), its relatonships with its neighbours or anything at all about us.

 I can exclusively reveal that an "independent" Scotland 
will be using the Dollar. American, Australian whatever.

Rupert Murdoch cares about his profits and his papers and his organisation will do anything (proof everywhere from law courts to telephone accounts to public inquiries to the homes and relatives of murder victims) to keep the presses running and the profits flowing.

Nationalists are fond of quoting a few lines of Burns about the Scottish nobles who conducted the squalid negotiations surrounding the Treaty of Union in 1707.

"We're bought and sold for English gold
sic a parcel of rogues in a nation"

Well Eck has outdone even them. He's been bought and sold for AmerAussie gold by a man who apparently cares not one jot about nation, nationality, nationhood or any similar concept. Unless, of course, it suits his business. Then he buys it up.

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  1. Excellent point. The man is truly disgusting, corrupt and amoral. The idea that he gives an arse about Scotland is ludicrous.