Thursday, 23 February 2012

You can't spend the same pound twice....

The Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR), an independent thinktank, has looked at the SNP's "policy" of investing oil revenues in a "fund" to build up capital for future use a la Norway.

The CPPR report reaches the conclusion that the amount suggested by Alex Salmond (£Ibn/year)  would;

a) be a great loss to the public purse in the recovery from the current recession.


b). not be enough to generate the income Mr Salmond claims it would.

And of course, to the chagrin of Nationalist economic ministers, you cannot spend the same pound twice....

Another SNP promise undercooked, not thought through, undeliverable...


  1. 'The Centre for Public Policy Research' are a well known antiscottish thinktank who are always talking Scotland down.

    If Alex says its right then its right get it he knows more about economics than mickey mouse.
    he would of bailed out R.B.S and placed us dead in the centre of the Arc of prosperity.

    But for negative naysayers like yerself interfering

  2. CPPR

    Jim Gallagher, the former civil servant who is believed to have written the Calman report and who has been appointed as expert adviser to the Holyrood Scotland Bill Committe is listed as an associate with the CPPR.

    Wendy Alexander, who had the idea for the Calman Commission while Labour's leader in Holyrood and who now chairs The Scotland Bill committee has worked for the Fraser of Allander. As a minister in a previous Labour administration she pushed through the establishment Glasgow Housing Association that Jo Armstrong worked on too

    Brian Ashcroft, Wendy Alexander's husband, is a member of the CPPR and Fraser of Allander.

    Julia Darby and Peter McGregor of the CPPR were two of six economists who signed a letter in The Scotsman yesterday claiming fiscal autonomy would not help the Scottish economy.

    Julia Darby was also on the Calman expert group.

    Of other letter signers Anton Muscatelli, Clemens Fuest and David Ulph were also members of the hand-picked expert group.

    Using false economics for political purposes is not recomended. Labour doesn't have a good record on money matters.

  3. Why is it that when a committee of experts are positive about an SNP policy, they speak the gospel truth. Yet when a committee is negative they are all charltans?