Monday, 13 February 2012


Is Greece an "independent" country?

Should we copy them?

Just a thought.....


  1. Braveheart, the man who wants to reunify the Ottoman Empire again. You should mabybe apologise also on behalf of us Brits for Lawrence of Arabia and us pinching Cyprus, Egypt and the Sudan off the Turks as well as trying to partition Turkey itself after World War I (until Ataturk kicked us out).

    Apology should be sent to:

    HE Ambassador of Turkey, Mr Unal Cevikoz
    Embassy of Turkey
    43 Belgrave Square
    SW1X 8PA

    (copy letter to Prince Philip of Greece, care of Buckingham Palace!)

    I am sure with all the problems in the Balkans in the past twenty five years along with the on-going troubles in the Middle East and North Africa that there are some reactionaries in Istanbul having a giggle at all those countries' efforts at independence.

  2. Nice anabasis.

    what does it mean?