Sunday, 19 February 2012

A Leap of Faith sans Nat irony...

Oh wad some pow'r the giftie gie us
Tae see oorselves as ithers see us...

Robert Burns, no Nationalist he....

Kenny McAskill, SNP Justice Minister and erstwhile overnight resident of the cells at Wembley Police Station, was today asked, on BBC TV, about Dave's promise to have another look at the powers at Holyrood should Scots vote against "independence", as is likely.

The bold Kenny opined that he needed more details, as believing any promise from anyone who is not a Nat would be, and I quote, "a pig in a poke"!!!

When it was pointed out that "independence" was the ultimate pig in a poke, or "leap of faith", he collapsed into full minutes of  meaningless burblings.

The JM looking intelligent

Aaarghh! he said. And blueuughhh! And BuuurbleBuurbleBuuuuuurble... eventually, regaining his composure,.... Ah but, he said, unionist Tory/Labour leaps of faith are different in warp and weft from Nationalist leaps of faith.

And, y'know, not a hint of irony from the JM. Good, eh?

It's here, at 41 minutes into the broadcast

As my old Granny used to say "Aye right!".

Cliff? What **@@!!** cliff?!?!?

If you don't believe in leaps of faith how can you believe in "independence"?

To his credit, the JM, ex-res of the pc s at Wembley, didn't say that to believe anything else would be "anti-Scottish".

Which makes a change these days. 

But then, maybe he just forgot......


  1. Was only half watching it, but wasn't it Isabel Fraser who used the phrase 'leap of faith'?

    Anyway, I'm quite sure Kenny MacAskill used the phrase 'pig in a poke', which presumably confirms that he's had a comprehensive irony bypass!!

    1. You're right Stuart, it was me that was only half listening.. but he did say "pig in a poke"... so the point remains.