Tuesday, 25 January 2011

A Stitch-up in the Sky....

The other big story today is the sacking of Andy Gray from his job as football commentator. Lot's of speculation as to why, and why now?

My analysis, which may not be absolutely correct, but it fits the facts....

Gray sued the NotW, not popular within NewsCorp.

He then made a faux pas just as ole Rupe swaggers into town, under pressure from the phone hacking scandal.

Bad timing. Rupe wants to look tough and clean, needs to find an example, take some action...Gray makes his mistakes at the wrong time...

Too bad. Heaveho Andy

Why did these things leak from Sky? I have seen not one, but three pieces of film and audio. Somebody released it.

Coincidence? mebbes aye mebbes naw.

Am ah right or a meringue?

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