Thursday, 27 January 2011

More Bad News for Ed?

 Ed Miliband has been the butt of criticism from Conservatises and their press poodles. Too young, lightweight, not up to the job, go the jibes. Not to mention "Wallace and Grommit" (not sure which he's meant to be the eccentric inventor or the genius dog).

But Ed is having, if not the last laught, at least a quiet smile to himself as the ToryDem government ploughs into problem after problem.

An Ipsos/Mori poll for Reuters News Agency has; 
Labour at 43% (up 4), 
Conservatives at 33% (down 5) 
Lib dems at 13%. 

That's a ten point lead for Labour. And, as the poll was conducted before this week's GDP data showed a dramatically shrinking economy, pessimism could now be even worse than shown in the survey's findings.

If this is bad news for a weak leader, I'm sure that Ed would welcome more of the same.....


  1. Tory 2nd term election strategy.

    Kick the living bejesus out of us all for the first 2 years of their 1st term.

    Allow economy to grow for the 2nd half of their term in government.

    Patronise electorate with:
    "You've all done very well",
    "It was horrible medicine we had to take to cure the sick economy that Labour left behind..."
    "Let's not forget how difficult it was when we had to fix the last Labour mess... vote Tory"

    Alas, given that the last Labour goverment felt the need to drag us into American wars and deregulate the financial industry to suit the big banks - who we then had to save, then standby whilst they returned to the trough. I fail to see any reason why we would trust Labour anyway.

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could watch it all unfold from a resource rich, nuclear free, independent Scotland?

  2. Jim

    it's certainly a tried and trusted Tory strategy, used since 1951, coupled with a few wll placed bribes theyear before the General Election.

    I predict increasing use of "angels" to describe nurses in the Tory tabloids, and a few % points rise for "deserving angels" and police etc. in 2013/14.

    it worked before...

  3. What - a pay rise on top of their extra tea breaks. They'll be living the dream then! But we'll need to be careful... too much of a good thing and all that... I mean house prices in the Grange could rocket on the back of such a loosening of the public purse strings...