Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Health Service Reel

An interesting post over at Carons Musings. The Lib Dems have lined up behind the Tory rehash of the NHS in England, but Caron's not convinced. She raises quite a number of reservations, many of which have been raised by Labour during the debate so far.

I'm not surprised that Caron is leery about her coalitions suppport for these changes. They seem to be, at the least, a very big gamble with the English NHS. IMO they are a serious first step to the creation of a health sector in the national economy, i.e.turning the Health into an industry. Whether the changes will work to deliver as good (never mind better) services to the people of England seems not to have been considered, such considerations being subordinate to the ToryDems' neoconservative beliefs.

They also raise the intriguing question of whither the Scottish Lib Dems. With a Holyrood election in the offing, will we see equivalent proposals in the Scottish Lib Dem Manifesto for the Scottish Elections in May?

The Lib Dems are engaged in a coalition waltz with the Conservatives at Westminster. Will Tavish and Anabell be tempted to take the floor for a Combined Scottish NHS Reel? If not, why not?

P.S. 17:20 It seems that the good Dr Death agrees with me on the marketisation elements of this bill.

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