Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Two bald men fighting over a comb

The blessed Vince wants "mansion tax" on houses over £2million value. Gideon George Osborne wants to cut tax for the rich.

The compromise seems to be a tax rise for the rich via the mansion levy and a tax cut for the rich via cutting the 50p level on those who earn over £150,000/year.

Probable result? No real change... but still this gargantuan struggle between titanic forces (Vince and Gideon) leads the news and smothers the budget discussions.

Jorge Louis Borges, the Argentinian novelist and thinker, described the Falklands War as "two bald me fighting over a comb". He could have meant the prize, the Falklands Islands, was not worth the effort.

                              YOU STOLE MA COMB!!!

In the case of the Vince -v- Gideon it means to me, that, whoever wins, the outcome is meaningless. It's a fake battle with a predicted outcome. The aim is to look antagonistic and busy for the benefit of the two party's followers.

In reality it's a pointless waste of energy.


  1. Sounds like Jean Luis Borges didn't know much about Oil exploration / exploitation ...

  2. That's right. Attack him. Now that he's dead...

  3. Mansion tax sounds good (ish, I think), but no doubt the zillionaires will find a good wheeze around it by classing their homes as hotels or something stupid.......

    Perhaps Vince is after as much exposure as possible before he and his mates descend into oblivion......

  4. Attack him??

    Jeez, you Labour boys are thin skinned these days!

    I thought I was pointing out the rather obvious...

    Feel free to point out Jean Luis Borges Geological and or International Oil exploitation credentials whenever you like though.

    In the meantime I'll run with my good friend google's findings...


    and my own view that Oil and mineral resource will continue to be the driving force for most International disputes in the 21st Century.

    Jim - A rapidly balding man; with no comb nor oil reserves nor mansion to speak of