Monday, 12 March 2012

Nicola discovers "the real world"

Brian Taylor of BBC Scotland interviews Deputy FM Nicola Sturgeon.

Wriggling like a good'un, Ms Sturgeon explains why the SNP Government is wonderful and responsible for...well... nothing really....certainly nothing's own entertainments licence legislation, steel for the Forth road bridge purchased furth of Scotland, the collapsed banks, joining the Euro or retaining Sterling gay marriage, the SNP's tendency to call its opponents "anti-Scottish, defence policy. Clarity escapes, responsibility diffuses, problems dissolve, Brigadon is invoked, Denmark exalted, Norway eulogised (Iceland? Ireland? anathema...) magic wands are waved. And blame is placed. Anywhere but Holyrood.

Nicola finds time, inter alia, to criticise other people for saying that "Scotland is too wee and too poor" to survive in "independence" when no-one, except herself, even had a fleeting thought hinting at that position thus confirming my previous observation that it's always the Nats that bring this red herring into any conversation. Freudian transference personified.....

Nicola also finds (18 minutes in) that England would have helped bail out the failed Scottish banks and so saved an "independent" Scotland from bankruptcy. And, did you know, an "independent" Scotland would help the English bail out Barclays if it failed.

Hurrah for England! Hurrah for "interdependence"!

Nicola calls this "the real world".

You can't help thinking that, in the real real world, if "interdependence" is the best solution to the banking and other crises, why would any sane person claim that "independence" is better for the Scottish people? But, y'know what? Nicola didn't give any convincing reasons....


  1. I didn't see the interview but did the wee wifie also claim that an independent Scotland could expect England, with unused ship yards of its own, to continue to place defence orders with Scottish yards?

  2. Not that I heard, I skipped some of it.....

  3. How much did the FED give to RBS and HBoS?

    British banks account for $640 bn of Federal Reserve bailout money

    Royal Bank of Scotland borrowed $446bn, Bank of Scotland $181bn, Abbey National $19bn and HSBC less than $10bn.

    Keep telling your blatant lies as it is only the BBC Scotland and your party that believes these fairy tales anymore.

  4. CH. You have an admirable ability to respond to things I haven't said.

    Which bit is the blatant lie?

  5. BTW. Relax. I'm not expecting a reply....