Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Don't blame us, we're only the government....

Cast your mind back to this time last year. The the unemployment figures were released, and they were bad

UK unemployment stood at 8%.

But, in Scotland, the numbers were marginally less bad, as the number of Scots out of work fell by 16,000 between November 2010 and January 2011, bucking a trend in the rest of the UK.

So, who was responsible? The SNP of course!!!  Who else?

On 16th March 2011, Alex Salmond "...warned the Chancellor not to jeopardise Scotland’s economic recovery in next week’s Budget after new figures showed another drop in unemployment. Mr Salmond insisted the decrease was thanks to his administration’s economic policies.”

NB. Even so Scottish unemployment was 8.1%, slightly more than the UK average of 8%. But the fact that unemployment in Scotland appeared to be falling was evidence enough for the FM to crow and to bark orders to the UK.

Fast foward to 14th March 2012, the unemployment figuers are out and unemployment and they're bad

Unemployment in Scotland has risen by 6,000 in the three months to the end of January. The unemployment rate in Scotland was 8.7% - above the UK average of 8.4%. Numbers in employment in Scotland has actually decreased by 11,000 from November to January. The unemployment total in Scotland is18,000 higher than it was a year ago. Meanwhile, the number of Scots claiming jobseeker's allowance rose to 142,800 in February, 5,400 higher than it was a year ago.

So, who is responsible? Last year it was the SNP wot dunnit as unemployment "fell". This year, as unemployment rises, it's..... the SNP?  No way! ....

It's Westminster innit? The Scottish Government has issued a bold statement from Finance Secretary John Swinney saying; "the figures demonstrate why the UK Chancellor George Osborne needed to take "urgent action to create jobs" in next week's UK Budget". And "The Chancellor needs to change course in next week's Budget, and deliver a 'Plan MacB' approach for the economy”.

For all those decades in opposition the Nationalists were able to promise anything, because there was no danger they would have to make good on any promise. It was, conversely, easy to blame whoever else happened to be in Government. After all, you're in Government, you're responsible. See that labour! See them Tories!! Disgusting. Disgraceful. Whit a bunch! If only us Nats could get hold of the reins of power.

Now the Nationalists have been in power for five years. But, strangely enough, for five years nothing has been their fault.  Things look good..unemployment falls.."we did that!!". Things look not-so-good.. unemployment rises..."Blame Westmonster, blame the union, blame the last Labour administration, blame the Supreme Court, blame the Tories, blame anyone and everyone. But don't blame us. We're only the Government....".

I can't help thinking it's beginning to wear bit thin....


  1. Ah, but the SNP are never wrong. And may I be struck down if this is not true......ZAP!!!!!!

  2. once again, kettle, pot, black.

    after 13 years of labour in power nationally; everthings the coalitions fault.

    labour had absolute power, whereas the snp have had i year, overall majority.

    but don't let statistics get in the way of a guid moan

  3. 5 years, no schools.

    that's a statistic,, you defend it.....