Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Wettest Drought on Record

Neat headline in the Guardian today "The Wettest Drought on Record" (hardcopy, not online for some reason) over an analysis by their Environment Correspondent John Vidal. It highlights the irony of half of southern England being under feet of floodwater while the water companies maintain drought alerts and hosepipe bans.

The exasperating contradiction is too evident to stress, but it reminds me of a conversation I had with an MSP just after Devolution so it must be 12 years ago approximately.

I noted the predictions of climate-change driven weather patterns that there would be more rain in the north and less in the south and asked why we couldn't do something practical to address it.

My suggestion (I'm no expert so it might be nuts) was to put 6 or 8 feet (or whatever) on top of the retaining walls of all Norther English and Scottish reservoirs and to find a way, perhaps some sort of water grid or fleet of tankers) of delivering the excess we had to our southern neighbours.

Would it work?

Huvnae a clue, but nothing else has been done meantime....

Is it too late?

Dunno, but shouldn't someone be asking/trying/doing something?

Just a thought....

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