Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Nationalist Omnishambles goes Uncommented

So many things going wrong with the Nats these days....where to start


Wife beating?

Anti-Catholic rants?

Nato membership?

Keeping secrets from Parliament?

Tartan Tories?

hospitals with no blankets?

Murdoch is today's shambles.

When Eck hitched his star to the waggon the esteemed Australian-American patriot and billionaire phone hacker, many predicted disaster.....

And it wasn't long in arriving. Today's session of the Leveson Inquiry had many revelations, including emails showing the Blessed Eck offering to lobby for Murdoch's empire to be increased with the addition of BskyB, an outcome positively abhored by thinking Scots.

Never mind, "it wasn't for any sort of quid-pro-quo" according to the FFM. So that's all right then.... that nice Mr Murdoch wouldn't be so corrupt, would he? Nor the oily one.

I could expand on all the other issues on the list, but it's late....

But just one thing: where are the

"SNP in Meltdown" headlines..?

Certainly not in the Sun...

But actually, nowhere else either. Strange. If it was Labour there would be no end of edmusgo and johannsanumpty, but it's the Nats, so the revered Scottsh Media doesn't see the problem......

The public, now there's a different kettle of beans....


  1. This latest one could be serious, since if Jeremy Hunt is dragged down, I'll put money on him trying to drag Salmond with him.

    Hunt could be the sacrificial goat for the unionists. If they can prove Salmond DID try to influence the takeover, we will have yet another First Minister resignation.

  2. It's serious anyway.

    Even what we know now is enough for his Eckness to resign.

  3. Not much sign of the UK media going with the Salmond angle, strangely.

    And even Cochers is havering on about the airport experience in what I assume is his column in Wednesday's Telegraph, presumably pre-drafted for whatever reason.

  4. The Guardian has a quarter page among 5 pages (inc full fron page) on Salmond