Friday, 4 May 2012

Hubris, all uninvited....

The Nats said they would take Glasgow. They said it would be proof of the onward march of "independence".

Eck campaigned for it.

Nicola campaigned for it. 

Political pundits campaigned for it (what a juicy story).

The Sun campaigned for it over tea and tunnocks.

The speeches were written, the limousines were ordered, the tartan bunting was bought, the champagne was on ice and the SNP's ghostly rabbit logo was all but projected onto the walls of Glasgow City Hall. Rupe was invited and the streets were scoured for any other passing American billionaire to add lustre to the celebrations.....
Alas, hubris, all uninvited turned up first.... sorry lads, time to burst a balloon or not you Eck, the thought of that just doesn't bear thinking.
No, the balloon that we have to burst is the one emblazoned "SNP over all control in Glasgow". Let's prick it now, it's getting in the way of that big red balloon with "Labour over all control in Glasgow" thats pushing its way in.... "pop" gosh, hardly a sound...the ghostly rabbit has crumbled.....pffssssssss the air's all out now....

There there Eck, don't cry. You'll still get your chance to lie to, sorry explain all about whether your phone was hacked by your new mate Rupert to the Leveson Inquiry in front of all those TV cameras.

Just ignore those dismal Jimmies who think you should explain yourself to merely elected politicians at Holyrood. What do they mistake you for: someone who cares about the voice of the people?

Oh look, a big balloon with the word "Democracy" on it.... Eck, give me back my pin! Eck!!! 


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  1. Snigger!

    They dont want it Independence the Scottish people just dont want it!
    No doubt Salmond and Sturgeon will do a warsi and change the predictions they made after looking at thier Ipads