Monday, 14 December 2009

How to negotiate, LibDem Style.....

Those tough negotiators over at Scottish LibDem HQ have really put the squeeze on the SNP this time, with a lesson in hard-nosed diplomacy that we can all benefit from studying.

Niccollo Machiavelli hasn't got a look-in with these smart operators. Oh no.

So what, you ask, have the LibDem toughies come up with? Well, they've agreed to back the SNP budget, but for a price: there has to be 5% cut in "fat cat" wages in local councils... those officers earning over £100k will have to take 5% cut in wages....

the details are here....

Of course, the LibDem leadership will have to use all their skills of persuasion to convince John Swinney that attacking "fat cat" wages in the current economic climate, in the depth of a recession, will be at all popular with the punters.......

Aye right. What this amounts to is the LibDems supporting the SNP budget and in return they get... what? An action that the SNP will not only gladly endorse, would probably have done off their own bat anyway, and will certainly take all the credit for.

The reckoning is that this will save about £30million.. but there is no mention of what the LibDems want the "savings" to be spent on. Having saved the money, it is apparently being gifted back to Mr Swinney to do with what he will. Cut-throat political dealings isn't the game here, it seems.

You have to ask: is this the biggest concession the LibDems could have got in the current situation, with money tight and the SNP's popularity falling and the nats desperate to get their budget through parliament at almost any cost...???

... Tavish the street-fighter.... ?

"Oh dear, oh dear" is the only appropriate comment.....


  1. Surely you are just a sad unionist practically talking to yourself?

    "opposing nationalism" is very different from promoting the union, and it is easy to talk nonsense about Independence then to defend the union so you've given up your valuable "political energy" going about promoting your political view in the entirely wrong manner.

    I suppose seeing that there is no unionist philosophy to follow leaves you little choice....

  2. "Opposing having your pefectly serviceable house destroyed by vandals with no plan but destruction" is very different from promoting the house itself.

    Anon. If someone come along with a wrecking ball and say "I think it would be a good idea to knock down your house", you don't need any great justifcation to say "No thanks".

    Well maybe you would, but I wouldn't.

    If you can tell me why it is a good idea to break up a system that works, and works very well, I'll listen to you.

    If not....

    You can see here the last time I had a nationalist trying to defend destroying the country. The arguments he made were pretty weak, and he is a prospective SNP MSP.