Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The Herald reports that "A new row over oil revenues has broken out between Holyrood and Westminster after a report showed that even after they were taken into account, Scotland’s overall debt would have risen by £3.5 billion this year."

the story, here

goes on to say that .... ".. even if all UK oil and gas receipts had gone to Scotland, only in nine of the last 28 years would Scotland’s finances have been in surplus and the last time it would have happened would have been 1988...".

Predictably Alex Salmond has gone into rhetorical overdrive... he (or his "official spokesman") says "The Scotland Office is now spending its time working against Scotland’s interests rather than standing up for Scotland at Westminster – it is the anti-Scotland Office".

The lesson: the SNP's economic analysis is wrong, but if you dare to question it, the SNP accuses you of being "anti-Scotland".

It's typical and pathetic. What can the sensible person say beyond "Oh dear"?

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