Wednesday 17 October 2012

Wonderland Two: the benefits of the union

A couple of days ago I came across the image below on the Better Together website, showing that Scotland gets more back from the UK than it contributes in taxation.

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Scotland gets a full £10 billion a year more from Westminster than we delivere in taxation.

The SNP has just published what it apparently thinks is a refutation:

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So: Scotland gets 20% more in spending than we pay in tax..... and that's a reason to break up the union which delivers this result?  

As the immortal philosopher Homer Simpson is wont to cry in moments of vexation: Duh!!

I mean...

What would they prefer? 10% more? 20% less?What can it mean when the No To the Union Campaign advertises this great benefit that befalls us by our membership of the very union they despise?

Is there a mole in their rapid rebuttal department?

We used to hear a lot about "Alex in Wonderland Economics". 

Is this the return? 

"Wonderland Two: the benefits of the union"
See the great 20% gift. ...Luxuiriate in the spectacular generosity of the benificient Union! 
Learn to love your fellow islanders!


  1. I think they've flip flopped so much that they've forgotten what side they're on.

    It really is ludicrous that they want to break up the union despite Scotland getting 20% more than we are taxed.

  2. Agree its like Mike Romney they've spun around so much they must be starting to approach the earth's core...

  3. Stephanie Flanders analysis here is good:

    The bottom line - Scotland gets more than it puts it BUT not as much as some parts of the UK and more than others.

    It's all about give and take - this narrative that Scotland for some reason is worse off financially as part of the UK is a nonsense.

    It's interesting how desperate the SNP are getting - one by one their policies for governing scotland are falling apart, as their single-issue policies on referendum or bust start to unravel.

    Their lastest tactics on painting Labour as the New Tory party is rich coming from a centre right party who only so-called social democratic carrot has been free prescriptions.

  4. Being in a position to receive 20%, or 30%, or 50%, or even 100% more in in spending than you pay in tax results from having a fiat monetary system. It's not some unique feature of the union.