Tuesday 16 October 2012

Nationalists, the EU Membership and hidden advice, No. 99

There has been much controversy about the Nationalists and the advice they have bought, with our money, on the status of an "independent" Scotland vis-a-vis membership of the EU and the Euro.

Broadly speaking those who oppose the break up of the UK have been suggesting that EU membership would not be automatic for a newly independent Scotland and we would be forced to join the Euro, while the Nats have  been claiming that it's a foregone conclusion that the EU would welcome us with open arms and we could still be part of a "Sterling zone".

There has been legal opinion sought on these matters by the Nationalists, but they seem reluctant to publish it.

So, thanks to the Better Together website for this little image.....


....which gives a simple precis of all the public advice from the top experts.... ....all of which contradict the Nationalist politicians.

Whether it contradicts their legal advice, who knows?

Maybe they will let us, their constituents and paymasters, see it some day....


  1. Maybe Westminter will let us, their constituents and paymasters, see their advice on the subject ? Or perhaps they will be too busy working on a referendum to volunteer to eave Europe? Of course they'll want to leave that til later!

  2. Somebody did it for them...


  3. So they are crawling out of the woodwork suppose its to do with yesterday...Jose Manuel Barroso could have not have been more explicit on Radio 4 pm news a few weeks ago not only would Scotland or anyone else who broke away have to apply to rejoin but and this bit seems to have been missed- it has to be a unanimous vote of all the existing states. I cannot see that happening can you? Westminster has no reason to publish the advice because its not planning to leave and if it did would the nats accept it anyway? What are they so afraid of if they won't publish it.

  4. Funny how Alex Salmond didnt mind demanding Tony Blair release legal advice when it suited him...

  5. On the pm programme again an hour or so again. The Spanish government has said they will oppose an independent Scotland joining the EU. In the interests of having a reasonable debate about this the SNP have got to release their advice. I'm astounded that the information commissioner wouldn't overrule it.

  6. It's all out now, Braveheart - they're covering up the fact they had no advice! Sturgeon has confirmed in Parliment today and Salmond has been caught telling porkies. His feeble attempts to explain his lie in his address to Parliment is shocking, as is the Presiding officers refusal to allow the chamber to debate the issue.
    If you're Alex Salmond, you can say what you want, when you want and make it up as you go along.