Saturday 5 October 2013

The Return of the Tartan Tories

I've been away, seduced by the speed and ease of Twitter..... Twitter is great for immediacy and sloganising, but some things need a bit longer and more space to expand into, so I have returned for a one-off gig* there's anyone still out there...

I found this informative little flowchart which seems to show the contradictions in the SNP position on tax, and it does it  quite humorously IMO.

But it seems to me that the chart also reflects the Yes campaign as a whole: we'll give the facts where we think they help US, we're much more open to dealing with big business than any piddling idea of letting YOU know what we think might happen and, BTW, any questioning of what we say is "negative".

In addition, Fergus Ewing's siding with the energy company and the Tories on the Labour proposal for an energy price freeze is straight from the Torie-love-big-business-Daily-Mail-stock-editorial-fallback , along the lines of "if you don't like big business you must hate Britain". Fergus obviously loves big business: does that mean he also love Britain?

Anyway, it all signals the distant echo of an old song..... The Tartan Tories Resurrected.  Question is: how will the SNP snuggling up to the Tories go down with the Scottish public and in the upcoming referendum?

Not very well is my judgement. What's yours?

*Not promising to stay away forever....

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