Friday, 22 June 2012

Boris's Copper

The Tories are the party of lor'norder.... or so they claim.

Boris Johnson has ideas on policing. He elbowed out the previous head of the Met, got his own man in and and appointed one Stephen Greenhalgh to "oversee" the operation of the Metropilitan Force.

This painful video reveals the skills of Boris's choice....oh dear....

If you have seen a more incompetent display from any employee of any organisation at any level you must be very unlucky. The man is astonishingly inept.

Think the worst ever contestant on The Apprentice and square it....

All that's missing is Surallan jumping up and proclaiming "You're fired!".

On the other hand, Mr Greenhalgh is a Tory Councillor and placeman, so sympathy rationed.....


  1. I'm no sure if it's that authority has pulled the video or there's something amiss with my broadband provider but it's signalled up as private which makes it worth seeing then if they are trying to hide it.

  2. yep
    seems somebody wants to keep it from too broad an audience.

    I have asked my source on twitter if there is any other way to access.... if so will post again.