Monday, 4 June 2012

1001 reasons to support independence...

Number 336...

They don't understand us, dae they?

Ah mean the English. Really, they don't understand us Scots. 

"This man walks intae a cake shop and points to one o' the items on display.

'Is that a doughnut or a meringue?' he asks?

'Naw ye're right, it's a doughnut' says the woman behind the counter."

Ah mean. Is that funny or no'?

Well, ah telt it tae mah mate fae Liverpool. He didnae get it!!!

They jist don't understand us......
It's nae wunder we want to destroy the UK, is it?

As for that Geordie accent... don't get me startit man!!!

a doughnut

a meringue

........or am I wrong?


  1. Hi Braveheart

    When I worked in England I can remember having a richt guid laugh about the differences in accent with a chap from Wigan.

    He was talking about his 'career' and I thought he was talking about his 'courier'.

    Eventually, after much laughter, we sorted that bit out.

    He again started speaking about his 'career' but emphasised the word to the degree that I thought he was talking about 'Korea'.

    Oh how we laughed. When we stopped, I told him, come the referendum (this was around 1993 BTW) that I would be voting for independence just to get away from his silly accent.


  2. Longshanker

    I wouldn't worry.

    It's a nest on cybernats. Maybe interesting to dip in and out of, but no point in trying actual debate.

    You'll get little civility and no sense from them.