Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Could this be significant?

Labour has held a pretty steady lead for the last few months on the YouGov daily poll. The lead has fluctuated between 4% and 6%, recently moving to 6%-8%.

But last week there were two days when the Labour lead stood at 11%. Todays poll puts the figures at 45% Labour, 35% Conservative, Lib Dem 9%, giving Labour a 10% lead.It's the first time there has been a sustained consistent 10%+ gap between the two big parties since last year's election.

The Government's approval rating is at -29%.

Allied with the recent Europe-wide poll showing that the UK was the country with least support for big economic cuts, this is bad news for the coalition. When oppositions start to do this wel in polls, governments start changing tack. Look for policy u-turns and cracks in the coalition.

1 comment:

  1. I doubt there will be any change in coalition tact just now. They'll be doling out the medicine for a fair while yet, then 2 years before the next election we'll start to get a taste of the good life delivered with the veiled threat of letting a Labour goverment ruin all the sacrifices we've made on behalf of the Tories.

    You'll start to see all sorts of humiliating changes of tact in the built up to the election though - things like the Labour leader in Scotland suddenly finding the council tax freeze to be a worthy policy... oops!