Thursday, 18 November 2010

Creeping Coup D'Etat...

Or maybe not so much creeping as blatant.

David Cameron has just announced his House of Lords "reform": it consists of appointing 29 new Tory peers, 10 new Lib Dem peers and 15 new Labour peers. So the "fairness" agenda ensures that there are 3 times as many new coalition representatives in the Lords as opposition, making an already unbalanced situation even more advantageous to .... the coalition, of course.

This comes on top of the coaliton's plans to redefine the Westminster constituency boundaries to make sure that inner cities (Labour constituencies) have less say than rural (Tory and Lib Dem constituencies except Danny Alexander's and Charles Kennedy's and the Isle of Wight...).

Call me paranoid, but it looks suspiciously like the Tories are conducting a quiet overthrow of the constitution and the Lib Dem Lap Dogs are keeping their barking very quiet indeed....

a fierce Lib Dem  Lap-Dog Defends the British Constiution.

Given these numbers, the coalition will walk all of its contentious legislation through the Lords: there will be no chance of any real scrutiny or oversight. And, if all goes according to plan, after the next general election, they will never be challenged in Westminster again...

I'm not a great fan of Bills of Rights or written constitutions, but this situation cries out for some mechanism to challenge this blatant gerrymandering and to stop it in its tracks if possible.

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