Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Oh Joanna..!!!

One of the defining stories of the last year of Gordon Brown's Government was the spat between Joanna Lumley and the Government over the way ex-Ghurka soldiers were (or were not) permitted to settle in the UK.

The fragrant Ms Lumley comprehensively out-manouvred various Ministers and Government Departments and the Labour Government came out looking foolish and nasty and the villian of the piece.... David Cameron and other opposition figures made much of their sympathy with the Ghurkas and Joanna and said how thoroughly rotten we were to stop all of them migrating here forthwith.

Well here's a wee surprise: in a not-much-commented-upon article in the Observer at the weekend, Mark Townsend and Toby Helm reveal that "Gurkha regiment faces axe ........" It seems that the ConDems are looking at abolishing the Regiment Of Ghurkas altogether...

It seems that, now that they have permission to settle in the UK, the Tories don't really need them any more...


  1. Maybe the tories are not planning on embroiling us in as many wars as the criminal Blair?

  2. It's possible: after all, some scientists believe that there are an infinite number of parallel universes...

    ....meanwhile back here in the real world it's also possible that the Tories have used the Ghurkas and then dumped them when their usefulness has ended.

  3. Why don't you try counting the wars & conflicts that Labour dragged us into whilst Blair was in charge and compare it with... oh let's see!... Why not the really big Bogiewoman, Thatcher....

  4. I have no problem with Kosovo or Sierra Leone. They freed oppressed countries and overthrew dictatorships. You may disagree, if so tell me why.

    Afhanistan was inevitable. You can't let religious lunatics kill your people with impunity. You may disagree. If so tell me why.

    Iraq is a mess, but even there we got rid of Saddam.

    The biggest failure of all was Rwanda, and the failure was caused by not intervening...

    Were you in favour of non-intervention, Jim? Because it killed a million people...

  5. Mock the idea that the Tories might be less prone to war than Blair.

    When confronted with the reality... change tact!

  6. Really Jim

    I post about the Ghurkas, you change the subject to military intervention.

    I reply on the subject of military intervention...

    ..and you then accuse me of "changing tack"!!!

    love the Lobey Dosser avatar BTW...