Tuesday, 3 August 2010

it's YOUR fault... aye you

David Cameron has announced the end of secure tenancies for council tenants. It seems the Tories blame council tenants for any housing shortage, and if you are fortunate enough to have a council house then you better prepare to give it up! 
Hey Grannie, you might have been our tenant for 50 years, but it's time to get out.....
love David xxx
Charming, and oh so Tory.

And it's another broken Tory promise. During the election campaign, David Cameron denied that he would target secure council tenancies.

Now he says that's exactly what he will do...

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  1. It seems that to the Tories council house tennants are no better than horses for whom stables of a suitable size must be found.

    Never mind that people have HOMES full of MEMORIES next door to NEIGHBOURS they ahve always ahd, and whom they can trust as they get older. Never mind that they live in NEIGHBOURHOODS that they know and like and as they get older depend upon for comfort.

    Never mind anything Cameron. They are only working class people. They don't matter.

    There would have been plenty of council houses if someone hadn't sold them off. Who would that be?

    Oh yeah!

    Look out for another year or so of this nighmare government treaing us all like sh*t. Then look out for the revolt.