Friday, 4 June 2010

What's in a (Nick)Name?

On the political blogosphere you get all sorts of comments and namecalling. For  a certain type of contributor it is not enough to put the case, you have to rubbish the other guy by insult or name-calling.

So, when discussing politics, Labour is never just Labour or New Labour, it has to be "New Liebour" or  "Neue Liebour" or some variation. Similarly the Liberal Democrats are the Lib Dums or the Fib Dems or even the Fib Dums.

But for some reason there is no equivalent insult for the Tories.... Now why would that be? Maybe calling someone a Tory is considered insult enough in itself, like calling the Daily Telegraph the "Torygraph". It says it all and no need for extra emphasis........

I wonder, has anyone come across an insult you can use against a Tory that is worse than just saying what they are: i.e. a Tory?

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