Friday, 18 June 2010

Ach see them, they're all the same...

When the Tories are in opposition we often here the mantra "There's no difference between the parties"....and..."They're all the same". It's not true, of course, but it serves to keep a few wavering Labour voters at home when they might make the difference in an election, so it serves the Tories' purpose.
But yesterday we saw the real difference between Labour and Tory governments in a crisis, with the announcement of a further £2 billlion of cuts on top of the £6 billion already announced. Included in the  package of cuts is a new Hospital in Darlington, money for the Futures Job Fund and an £80 million loan to a manufacturing company, Sheffield Forgemasters.

No-one denies that difficult decisions have to be made in the current economic crisis, but these cuts highlight a crucial difference: Labour would have more concern in cutting for the economic health of individuals and the nation and an understanding that you cannot cut your way out of a recession. There has to be some care and concern for those who will suffer from any cuts, and mechanisms to alleviate that pain: you can't see Labour cutting a hospital just because it was announced by the Tories. And there has to be a strategic vision of how growth is created, defended, maintained and increased, because only growth will get us where we want to be: cutting job schemes for young people is short-sighted and wrong-headed.

The Forgemasters decision is particularly stupid: it saves no cash (the £80m is a loan), it generates no income, but it sends the message that this Tory government is just as indifferent to the needs of manufacturing as the last.

And we know where that ended....


  1. If the Forgemasters deal was so good why wouldnt the banks fund it? Oh right, because it depends on the nuclear power stations that havent been started yet and may never get built.

    The Forgemasters deal was all about creating one job. Labour announced plans for billions in cuts but wouldnt say what they would cut. They are just being hypocrits by complaining about the current cuts.

  2. Nonny,
    One of the problems we face at he moment is the reluctance of banks to make loans...

    so if the governmnet can do it,and at the same time show support for manufacturing, it's a good thing..

    You may not want the government to support industry, that's your choice. But not many businessmen would agree with you.