Wednesday, 24 March 2010

 David Cameron claims that he has changed his party, particularly on social issues like homosexual rights. This interview for the Gay Times website shows that a) he is lying, or b) he is not really in control of his party.

Last year, all Tory MEPs abstained on a vote against a Lithunian "section 28" dsigned to limit homosexual freedoms. When asked about the vote Cameron waffles, changes his mind, fluffs his lines and asks to stop the interview. He eventually claims that he knew nothing about the vote and then offers the excuse that his MEPs do not take part in votes about the internal matters of other countries. This is shown not to be true when Conservative MEPs later table a bill on press freedom in Italy, a clear interference in the internal affairs of another country. A Channel 4 report is shown here, watch it....

...and make up your own mind.

The suspicion has always lingered that the change that Cameron brought about in the social attitudes of his party was no more than skin (or press release) deep, and that the "nasty party" instinct still lurks deep in the heart of many Conservative MPs and MEPs.  This interview offers strong evidence to support that suspicion.

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