Monday, 15 February 2010

Why are the Tories so keen to portray Broken Britain, that they have to invent statistics?

Two weeks ago the Conservatives, in an attempt to support their Daily Mail "Broken Britain" thesis, issued statistics to their candidates on violent crime (see here) but had to withdraw them after the Head of The Office of National Statistics pointed out that they were wrong, and violent crime was actually reducing.

Last week they issued their infamous "Death Tax" poster, (here) attacking attempts to fund Social Care for the Elderly, only for it to be revealed that the Health spokesmen of Labour, Tories and LibDems had been in talks about gaining a consensus on this important policy area. Only nobody had told the Tory PR department or its head of operations, (one D. Cameron) or if they did, D. Cameron didn't care. Anyway, now the chance of a sensible consensus on this policy has been effectively destroyed. Maybe that's what David Cameron wanted in the first place...?

Today they have issued a press release claiming that 54% of young women in deprived areas are getting pregnant. The real figure is 5.4%!. Then they claimed that, even so, this shows an increase in teenage pregnacies, only for the true statistics to show that there has been a decrease from 6% in 1998.

If David Cameron wants to see examples of Broken Britain, he should dig out some newsreel of the 1980's when his lot tried to destroy society (in fact "society" didn't exist according to their philosophy).

Now, according to the David Cameron, the country is going to the dogs in any way you care to mention. But if it isn't, well, just invent the numbers.......

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