Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Tory RIP - Off Poster

Negative campaigning (part the thousands...)

Stop Press.10th Feb 8:30pm.  It says at PoliticsHome that Andrew Lansley knew all about, and indeed had had secret meetings with Andy Burnham about, Labour's plans for Social Care. It seems that some consensus was being sought.

Sources have apparently told the BBC that David Cameron new about these secret meetings. Which makes it all the more puzzling that the Tories chose to launch their poster war today. 

The Tories really are all over the place with their PR this last few months.  

The Tories have launched a tasteful new poster with the false mesage that the Labour Government is planning to tax us all £20000 at time of death.

However, according to the Sky News Website, there had been reports that ministers might endorse a compulsory inheritance tax, of about £20,000 per head.

But Mr Burnham told a news conference earlier: "I'm not currently considering that as a lead option for reform.

"That figure was used in the green paper last year but I do not believe that a flat levy of that kind would be the right way to go.

"I can say to you very categorically today that that is not what I am considering."
Labourmatters site has this more honest riposte;

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