Friday, 15 January 2010

Social Attutudes Survey shows Scots oppose independence... whither the referendum?

The latest Scottish Social Attitudes Survey, conducted by the Scottish Centre for Social Research, shows support for Scottish Independence at 28%. Twice as many, 56%, oppose independence and the rest appear to be indifferent.

the Herald carries a report here

Although there is nothing surprising in these numbers, the finding must nevertheless be a disappointment to the SNP. At the 2007 election, the SNP had the stated aim of showing, by its competence in government, how an independent Scotland would be more attractive to most Scots. To find that, after three years in power and despite that SNP's "best" efforts at Holyrood, support for independence is at best static, must come as a blow to the SNP. In particular it is a blow to any hopes of success in a referendum on independence.

Indeed, these figures would indicate that the SNP would be ill-advised to have a referendum in the current climate, or indeed any time soon.

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