Saturday, 9 January 2010

Dave's plastered.....

The Conservatives have started their election campaign early with a poster showing David Cameron and saying how much he cares about the NHS.

Unfortunately for them, it has attracted more comment for the perfect sheen and tone of the Dave’s skin. Pimples? Dave? No way! Moles? Blemishes? Not  a one!

He has literally no pores! Not one! No chin follicles! Nothing! Our Dave, he’s flawless he is.

The man with no skin blemishes, and no policies either….

And isn’t air-brushing the perfect metaphor for the Conservatives strategy.

We’re nice Tories, not those naughty Tories of recent experience. We love the NHS and everything nice. We'll cut and slash all that nasty government spending....except the bit you like, missus.

That Maggie Thatcher, she was a one, but she had nothing to do with us….we’re smooth, dead smooth…

Just like Dave….

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