Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Support for independence on the wane.....support for Labour on the increase

The SNP campaigned on competency:
"Put us in to power and then judge us by our achievements"
they said.

Well it seems that Scottish voters are taking on board the SNP's pleas to be judged as a government. Unfortunately for the SNP's strategy, it appears that the voters appear think that they are a pretty crap government......

The Telegraph and the New Statesman are reporting a YouGov poll showing support for the SNP and for independence shrinking and support for Labour improving.


Those saying that they would support independence is recorded at 29% of the electorate, down substantially on a year ago.

A referendum on independence is also less popular,
47 per cent said that there should not be a vote "as this would be a distraction from more urgent issues that need tackling".

Support for Labour at Westminster is up 10% to 39% and for the SNP is down 12% to 24%.

All-in-all, very bad newsfor the Salmond regime, and depressing for the supporters of independence.

Good news for everybody else, though:)

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