Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Dearest Bridge in the World

The SNP has announced the bill authorising the building of a new Forth road crossing. The bridge, at an estimate of £2billion+ is reckoned to be one of the dearest estimates/mile of any similar bridge.


But it is not at all clear how they will finance it. The SNP's flagship policy of a "Scottish Futures Trust" has failed to materialise as a funder of major projects, and the SNP has rejected an offer of £1billion towards the cost from the UK Government.

The Nationalists will only say that the money will be "found from capital budgets.....but of course, the cost to the capital budget means that vital infrastructure projects; roads, schools, hospitals and other much needed public projects, will suffer.

Question: is this the best use of the available money in the current circumstances?

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  1. Who knows? The Greens say that the current road bridge could be repaired if it was partially closed for 5 years. So you would have to calculate the economic impact that would have and also try and put some value on the sheer inconvenience it would cause to everyone who uses that bridge.

    As a west coaster myself I do not have much of a stake in it. But if I imagine a similar scenario - say the Kingston Bridge being partially closed for 5 years - I can imagine that it would cause quite a lot of problems and uproar.

    The whole Parliament will decide. I just hope it does not come down to an east coast/west coast debate.