Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Nat lack of ambition. No 99 and counting...

I've had a wee summer break.

Last week, after Alex Salmond's speech on the brave new world of Tartan TV, in which the bold First Minister made this vaulting claim...

"The First Minister said in a speech at the Edinburgh International Television Festival that a new public sector broadcaster would be modelled on Ireland's RTE station if his Government wins the 2014 referendum.
The new Scottish broadcaster would still take popular BBC programmes such as EastEnders but have a more distinctive voice through nationally focused shows, added Mr Salmond, citing the success of the Gaelic-language channel BBC Alba."
I tweeted this;
"So Eck wants to replace BBC with "Scottish RTE". Doesn't this just go to show the pathetic lack of ambition the Nats have for my country?"

So I have no hesitation in pointing you to this analysis by Brian Wilson, ex-MP and Government Minister, successful businessman in many spheres, and above all supreme journalist and scourge of all things dismal and Nationalist.

Wilson's a man who always gets to the heart of the matter and an excellent writer on top. Almost every time I read him I think; "Dead right. I wish I had thought of that first". So often he gets to the nub of the response while people like me are still mulling over the the question.

So, for once, it's nice to see I beat him to the punch on this single occassion (although he no doubt had to wait for his weekly deadline while I could shoot off as soon as Eck's "thoughts" were public).

But we're both right. To replace the BBC with an RTE clone with BBC Alba as the programming model.... it's just nuts. And it says so much about the parochialism of Nationalist thinking and the total lack of ambition they have for Scotland and its people.

Who in their right mind would substitute RTE (no offence to my Irish relatives) with its small budgets and small borders and small vision for the broad reach and rich depth of the BBC?

And who, wishing to do so, would dare to call it progress?


  1. I take it that since you think the concept of a Scottish media is rubbish that you will not be commenting in the Scotsman, the Herald or any other parts of the Scottish national press again then-------

    If you do not like parochialism then do not consume a "parochial" media. Stick to the Ardrossan and the Saltcoats Herald and then Fleet Street but cut out the middle Scottish part.

    Try it instead with organisations that are deep, rich and internationally respected like The Times.

    Talking of lack of ambition, sounds like the Scottish Labour Party. In contrast your Welsh colleagues are showing you up with their ideas. Carwyn (who is the most powerful Labour politician in these islands lets be honest) is fighting for social justice by looking into setting up a separate Welsh courts sytem.

    Apparently he says it will make Wales healthier and more democratic. Did not know that having your own judicial men in wigs and tights contributed toward finding a cure for cancer but never mind. Someone from Labour said it so it must true-----

    However I do not expect you criticise Comrade Carwyn publicly. Carwyn also thinks devo max should be on the referendum ballot paper. He is the Labour high heed yin in these islands so his authority must hold some sway-----

    What is it about Welsh Labour that has been embaressing their Scottish counterpart since 1999?

    Something from the BEEB on it for irony

  2. Why on earth do you call yourself "Braveheart"?

  3. He hasnt considered the effect on STV of a new broadcaster competing for the limited advertising revenue in Scotland.

    Even limited advertising support (which would undoubtedly be necessary) would seriously damage their finances, which are strained as it is (hence the cheap to make 'tartan shortbread' type stuff, mixed with cheap Irish imports - plus less and less of the network ITV stuff they have to pay for).

  4. Well its pretty plain who has the lack of ambition for Scotland, and it certainly isn't our SNP scottish government.
    What a pair of fearties you are, to scared to raise your heads and take the responsibility that comes with independence. Instead its just twisted logic and half truths from the pair of you, thank God their are more Scots with real ambition for their country and with more realising this everyday, than there is the type of whineing cringers like yourselfs. Just to feart to make difference.