Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Death of Consumerism

The Silverburn shopping centre on Glasgow's south-side is the largest mall in Scotland, so they say. It's enormous. A huge cathedral-like structure of glass and tile, full of "units" and "outlets" and "franchises" and "supermarkets" and even just plain shops, with a Tesco at one end and a Marks and Spencer at the other, it's a vast modern bazaar with everything you might want, and all under one gigantic roof .

Yesterday I was diverted to the M&S shop at Silverburn to get some toddler food for my 3-year-old grandson, but unfortunately they didn't have what I wanted.

As I strode through the mall on my way back to the car it suddenly struck me that in all that corncuopia of goods and services, of clothes and hardware and software and printware and fast food and (for all I know) slow food, in all of it, there was not one thing that they could sell me that I really needed or even particularly wanted.

FREEDUM!! (as our nationlaist brethren are wont to exhale when facts and logic run out .....)


  1. to get some toddler food for my 3-year-old grandson

    And there lies the problem what is the matter with normal food for youngsters it won't kill them.

  2. wiser words than you have ever spoke before CH

    Happy New Year....