Sunday, 6 November 2011

Would Eck's referendum be legal?

Most recent discussion on the Nationalists' proposed referendum on "independence" has centred on when it will be and what the question(s) will be. TBH I'm beginning to doubt it will ever happen.

Lalands Peat Worrier has an interesting piece, linking to the UK Supreme Court  blog by Aiden O'Neill QC, questioning the legality of any referendum launched from Holyrood (whatever the question) and its openness to legal challenge.

The basic premise is that no referendum from Eck can be legal and any such referendum can and certasinly will be challenged....

Interesting reading.


  1. Good point, but if true when do we take to the streets?

  2. Two things:

    What you mean "we"?

    Are you suggesting that Nationalists shouldn't be bound by the law?

  3. Of course not - especially when its "English Law"....